I am committed to being a principled leader dedicated to ensuring government does not get in the way of you living your life.

I strongly support the Constitution and all it stands for. I am committed to protecting the rights of all citizens.

I support the Second Amendment and believe when used responsibly, firearms can save lives. I do not believe that felons or domestic abusers should have access to guns. I will do all I can to protect law abiding citizens’ right to bear arms.

I believe that those experiencing mental illness should not have to face it alone. Quality access to mental health treatment should be one of our highest priorities.

I absolutely do not support a sales or income tax of any kind. Hard-working families should not be punished.

I do not support raising the minimum wage. Working age adults are capable of choosing where, how, and when they work. I do know however, that there should be some type of wage to prevent exploitation, but that raising the wage harms small business.

I believe government should have no involvement in marriage.

I am strongly opposed to illegal immigration, and believe that security should be a top priority.

I believe government needs to get out of the way as much as possible to let individuals and business thrive.

I believe in opportunity for all. There is a difference in equal opportunity, and equal outcome. Equal opportunity ensures that everyone is able to achieve through success if they work hard.

I do not support programs like Medicaid expansion as these programs lead to an unending cycle of government dependent poverty, while originally well-intentioned. I believe a restructuring is needed to ensure that we treat those facing drug addiction. That should be a separate program.

I support alternatives to Planned Parenthood clinics such as pregnancy resource centers. I empathize with women struggling with difficult choices, but every effort must be made to protect life. However, I do understand that sometimes tough choices need to be made in regards to rape, incest, and the health of the mother.

I believe in providing special needs citizens with opportunities to make his or her own choices and limiting institutional placement as much as possible. People with physical and/or mental challenges have the ability to prosper without big government if given the chance.

I fully support strong supports for our veterans and believe they should have the best services possible whether that be public or private sector. They should be honored for all they have sacrificed for our freedoms.

I strongly oppose Common Core because it takes control of education away from parents I believe strongly in school choice whether that be public, private, charter, or homeschool. Only parents know what is right for their children’s’ needs.

I fully support right to work. Everyone should have the freedom to associate or not associate with an organization. No one should be prevented from keeping a job if they are opposed to what the union where they work stands for. Right to work is the key to attracting more business to New Hampshire.

Low taxes and small government should be the priority and what I believe will strengthen New Hampshire’s economy. You should be able to give as much as you would like to a candidate you support. I do however believe there should be limits on labor unions and forced dues from non-union members should be ended.

I support caring for and protecting abused and abandoned animals including supporting animal shelters and humane treatment of all animals.

I strongly support voter integrity ID laws and a thirty day residency requirement. Voter fraud should not be tolerated in a democratic society.

I support drug courts and drug treatment funding to help those most in need. We must work together to end the epidemic.

I am committed to helping keep New Hampshire great. I believe disabilities do not have to hold you back. You, and only you should be in control of your life. As a professional musician, I also want to be the best advocate for performer’s rights as possible. The arts play an extremely important role in our state and nation, and should always be respected.