My Commitment to Freedom: Rising Beyond Darkness To Serve Others

When I was born, my family was not sure of what the future would hold in store for me, but their strong faith and love is why I am on the path I am today. I am not supposed to be in politics, much less a Republican woman running for public office. From the time I was a little girl, my family taught me the values of freedom, personal responsibility, and the honor and privilege it is to live in the greatest country in the world, the United States of America.

Life wasn’t always easy though. I was born with a challenge that all too often, leads to a life of big government dependence and others determining your destiny. I was born three months premature, which caused me to have been born with complete vision loss. I am blessed though, because my mother has always believed in me. She never saw me as a person with a disability, but as someone with limitless potential. She taught me to work hard and to believe that I can do anything no matter how others may discourage me.

Politics wasn’t always in the plans though. I was always seeking a way to serve my country ever since my late grandfather Major Bruce Knox told me about how he served in the Air Force. His love of service and freedom inspired me to find a way to serve. I started out as a professional bugler performing for veterans and active duty military honor guards and became a solo bagpiper performing for veterans events and memorial services. But after noticing the troubling direction the country was headed in and the freedoms so many fought for being taken away by progressive elected officials, I knew I needed to do more to help save our freedoms before it was too late.

Every day the freedoms our service members are fighting for are slowly being replaced with burdensome government legislation. Freedom of speech is getting limited, our second amendment is slipping away, and red tape is getting in the way of innovation and prosperity. Live free or die are words that inspire all of us here in New Hampshire to reach for our dreams. Unfortunately there are people that want to undo the freedoms that our state is known for and replace our liberty with socialist policies that benefit those that want to keep the people of this state dependent on government programs. That is why I am running for state representative in 2020 and why I am a Republican. This is about standing up for your freedoms and fighting for you. Its about protecting your hard earned money from those that wish to hand it out to those that didn’t earn it. Its about you. I will not stand by and let extreme leftist socialist progressives take away the liberty so many have fought for and died for and are still fighting for today. Its about making sure your family can live freely, a place where your children have a choice to attend a school that works for them, a place where you can start a business without government tape getting in your way, and a place where your voice still matters.

I am Alexandria Knox, and I will work hard for you and fight for you. Its not the labels that matter like black, white, disabled, or anything else. Its about you and your individual right to choose your future and the future of your family. Its about our New Hampshire spirit, and its up to all of us to keep that spirit alive.