Why I am Asking for Your Vote

Why I’m Running in 2020

I’m inspired to run for State Representative because I want to give back to the community that has done so much for me. My community has been extremely accepting and inspires me to live everyday beyond limits. My personal story helped shape these aspirations. I happened to have complete vision loss due to having been born three months premature. Though I face this challenge, it does not define me but only gives me a stronger drive to serve others. This experience as a person with a disability makes me better able to listen and help the constituents I am running to represent overcome challenges. I believe we can overcome anything we face when we work together. I believe in listening to all constituents on both sides of the aisle and working together for positive outcomes. Divisiveness is destroying our society, and it is time for civility, decorum, and integrity to return to government. Though we have made great strides in ensuring true equality in the legislative process, some constituents are still not being represented by the lawmakers elected to serve them, and it is time for that to change. I believe people with disabilities deserve representation on both sides of the aisle, inclusion in all aspects of community life, and respect.

I grew up raised by a mother that always believed in me. I have always admired her strength and perserverence. She worked several jobs while raising a child with special needs. She did not believe in taking government benefits, because she wanted to ensure they were available for those most in need. My mother always taught me that my disability did not have to define me and to never let it hold me back from accomplishing my goals. She fought for me throughout my childhood so that I could have a bright, successful future. She raised me with the courage to defy society’s limitations and live beyond the expectations held for those of us with unique challenges. She taught me to always stand up for what is right and to never be silent about what matters even if it means it will not be easy. She instilled in me the values of working hard, principled leadership, courage, and determination. I have had the opportunity to travel and gain a perspective of other states, and these opportunities have shown me all that New Hampshire has to offer. These experiences have given me insight into how to better serve my community. I am running to help ensure our state remains a place of freedom for everyone, a community where citizens are valued and treated with compassion, and where anything is possible. I am committed to ensuring taxes remain low, dedicated to helping small and large business be successful, and to strengthening our state’s economy by making sure everyone is able to reach for their dreams without all the red tape.

I believe the increasing focus on Party labels is standing in the way of the ability for legislatures to solve problems, and that the polarized political climate in the country today is getting the way of finding solutions to the challenges we face as a state. I believe people should come before politics, and that it is not always about Party. Our representatives should always strive to work across the aisle for changes that benefit the entire community. I may have been born without sight, but I have a vision for the people I am running to represent. That vision is opportunity for all, individual freedom, prosperity, and an affective government that values what constituents have to say at all levels of the political process. I am a Republican, but if I am elected as your representative, you as a constituent will be my priority, regardless of Party. Elected officials should represent every constituent. Thank you for considering me, and it would be an honor to earn your vote and trust.