Vote for Alexandria in 2020, It’s Time to Put Constituents First

Candidate for the New Hampshire House of Representatives committed to putting constituents first.


CandidateInCoatI want to thank everyone that has come on this inspiring journey with me. Thank you for placing your trust in me all those that voted for me to represent you today. I especially want to thank my campaign team, dedicated volunteers, amazing doaners, and outstanding campaign manager Mr.  Ray Hebert Your leadership was uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging. I thank all of you for believing in me. We ran a great, clean, and positive campaign and one that young people can look up to as some of them consider running for office. This is not my last race. I will run again, because I love helping my state and making a positive difference. The one message I hope all of you take away from my campaign is that no matter what challenge you may be facing, you can do anything if you believe in yourself and put serving others first. I may have been born with complete vision loss, but it is the drive I have to help others overcome their challenges that is my focus in everything I do. It is because of my family and their amazing support, their love for me, their belief in my ability, and raising me as a normal person not a person with a disability, that I had the courage to do what some say should have been impossible, campaign hard and run in a very competitive State House primary race.
I congratulate Rep. Tammy Simmons and Mr.  Dan Garthwaite for their hard-fought victories tonight. I thank you for your support, and I look forward to helping our Party win. Until my next campaign, I plan to return to helping fellow candidates and serving my community as much as possible. This journey is far from over.


My name is Alexandria Knox. I am running for state representative in 2016 in ward 10, Manchester. I am running because I believe New Hampshire needs compassionate, young leadership committed to decorum, civility, integrity, and leaders that are dedicated to ensuring New Hampshire citizens have a real voice at the state house. I believe it’s time for a common sense Republican approach. This means that I will be a Republican, but I will be a state representative first. I thank you for your consideration, and would be honored to earn your vote in the 2016 Republican primary. I am fully committed to being accessible to my constituents at all times. New Hampshire is a place of beauty, wonderful state to start a business and raise a family, and one of the best places to live. We also have one of the lowest crime rates, and least government regulations. We must ensure that this is maintained for future generations. That will only be made possible by leadership dedicated to small government, common sense legislation, low taxes, and principles of freedom and prosperity. I am a pro-business Republican ready to meet the challenge of making New Hampshire a great business climate. The New Hampshire economy depends on our small businesses to grow and thrive. I will fight for our community. I will be an honorable leader committed to the highest integrity, accessible to Manchester’s District 17. I also will be a strong advocate for those with special needs, veterans, military families, those suffering from mental illness, and those experiencing drug addiction. I believe that not enough is being done to help those in need. We can help others without increasing taxes or decreasing the freedoms we enjoy, but we must ensure that we help those most in need. I hope to one day represent you in Concord. Please always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. If you choose me to represent you in Concord, you will be voting for a strong, dedicated leader that cares deeply about our families, business community, and those citizens most in need.

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Fiscal Agent Will Infantine

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I always welcome constituent questions, concerns, and all feedback.

Author: Alexandria Knox

Alexandria is a proud resident of Manchester, New Hampshire. She was a candidate for Alderman in Manchester in 2015. She is running for state representative in 2016 in district 17, ward 10. She is a passionate veterans’ advocate, strongly committed to preserving the constitution, and majoring in political science at SNHU to dedicate her life to helping our elected leaders, and to serve the people. She really enjoys mentoring younger students and getting them involved in the political process. Alexandria wants to help business thrive with the least government regulations possible. She believes everyone has the opportunity to prosper if given the chance. Alexandria is the granddaughter of the late Bruce C. Knox, a former Selectman in Auburn. After traveling for several years as a student and musician, Alexandria moved back to Manchester in April 2013. She has experience in several different fields including performing for military honor guards as professional bugler, performing for veterans events as a highland bagpiper, volunteering in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and Civil Air Patrol as radio operations specialist, and volunteering in politics. She has volunteered for several campaigns including Walt Havenstein for Governor 2014, Andrew Hemingway for Governor 2014, Scott Brown for Senate 2014, Frank Guinta for Congress 2014, and several state representative campaigns. She recently was an intern for Gov. Chris Christie's presidential campaign, and was an intern for Gov. Scott Walker's Presidential campaign. She is currently a volunteer for Mayor Ted Gatsas for Governor campaign, and an intern for Congressman Frank Guinta's re-election campaign. As a musician, she has toured throughout the United States and Canada performing for large and small events. She continues her studies at SNHU as well as performs for all types of events as a highland bagpiper. Before becoming a professional musician, Alexandria toured with various drum and bugle corps throughout the U.S and Canada and attended the Manchester Community Music School for music college prep, leaving to study music performance at the University of Minnesota Moorhead in 2007. Alexandria got started in politics because she knew she wanted to make a change for the better. Alexandria is unique because she was born three-months premature completely visually impaired. She hopes to empower others with unique challenges to discover their dreams and live their lives to the fullest. She was raised in a family that saw her as a normal person and not as a person with special needs. She believes that people with different abilities and unique challenges do not have to be limited to the low expectations society holds for them. She comes from a family with strong work ethics and conservative values. She was taught early in life about the importance of fiscal responsibility. Alexandria is running to improve New Hampshire’s economy, lower taxes so that Granite state citizens may live the American dream, and will work to help the business climate grow. She is excited to have this opportunity as a candidate. If elected, Alexandria will be a strong, compassionate advocate for her district in Concord. She especially hopes to help those with special needs live their dreams not through big government, but through individual choice and limitless possibilities. When Alexandria is not performing, volunteering, or studying, she enjoys adaptive skiing, volunteer activities, going out to eat, spending time with friends, motorcycle rides, going to the beach, spending time with her cat Sable, and reading.